Saturday, September 21, 2019

#HATJ Doings

Subject: RE: White House tweet
Date: Sep 21, 2019 at 10:50 AM

lol <3

On [redacted]'s B-Day, 9-9, there was a happy, decisive choice to terminate the entire collective experience without "playing out the rest" and simultaneously jump into the "end/beginning result"...the feeeelings that would be experienced in "playing out the rest" have already been experienced and the fear from those at the prospect of "playing out the rest "was palpable ...the inner shudders at the probable judgment, shaming, shunning, etc., and the lack of faith at the compassion, acceptance, and love, were visible, tangible, "input" was that I would happily forgo anyone having to go through all of that, for i did not need the "playing out the rest", and that all would jump into the "end/beginning result"...

On [redacted]'s B-Day, 9-10, I had the video visit with the family...joyous, beautiful, grateful...then the vid visit with You, Bev, Sammy was a wonderful bonus and we toned out the termination of "playing out the rest" and jumping right into the "end/beginning result" immediately...

On 9-11, there were many discussions done through all of Existence about all that each had not accomplished yet, almost like many "life reviews" going on all at once and a deeeeeeeeeeeep sadness was expressed and flowed through all that is, and all of me...the sadness was greater than any other sad flow previously programmed into "9-11"...and i still remember 9-11 from my own experience, standing at the palace's market in Casablanca, Morocco...crazy stuff, emotions that took ya to the floor.

On 9-13, while celebrating my roommate's birthday, a message arrived in response to the termination/jump being currently implemented..."Jeramiah 20:11"...that's it...nothing else was written on the paper, and the piece of paper it was written on was shaped like a bear, really like the bear hug emoti from skype, lol...and of course, I had to go borrow a bible from another girl to look up the verse...and when i read it, i laughed, and laughed, and laughed, for there was a joyous, yet sheepish, sense of humor wrapped around that message...

For the next 24 hours we "re-wrote"/"re-programmed" the energetic flow, frequencies, and vibrations of said message and realigned its setting for "immediate" and "speed of heart" and "already done" with and within the flow...because i may not exist in a time continuum, but i am considerate of the fact that Universal's have "shitty timing" and there are others in Existence that bear the brunt of that fact of "shitty timing" unnecessarily!

9-14, "All are with me as a mighty, awesome One. Therefore my persecutors did stumble and did not prevail. They are greatly ashamed, for they did not prosper. Their everlasting confusion is never forgotten.", was duly entered, programmed, and immediately implemented...onward to the celebration of All, by All, with All!!!!!!!!!

my love to you, bev, sammy, and all there!

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Bev pointed out an unusual White House tweet.

Video as if viewer is walking down red carpet, soldiers playing a classic tune not quite a waltz. Not waltzing Matilda. Doors open. I've heard the tune in some 1940s movie but can't name it. US and Australian flags.

Feels like Australia signed on to something and is being very warmly received.

Q folks think it means carpet bomb of information coming